Contributions and donations are very important to the future well being of the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum. There are many ways for you to donate to ensure that the educational mission continues. We depend on donors for new items to both the museum collection and the library’s archival collection.  All of our artifacts come from donors as we do not maintain an acquisitions fund.

Donations can be mailed to:

McKinley Presidential Library & Museum

800 McKinley Monument Dr. NW

Canton, OH 44708

Supporting Levels of Memberships

Current members and New Members are invited to increase their level of membership.

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McKinley Museum Employees' Fund

Help the McKinley Museum pay its dedicated staff during the Coronavirus shutdown.

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Christopher J. Kenney Bus Scholarship Fund

The Chris Kenney Memorial Scholarship Fund will fulfill Chris' dream of providing transport funds for schools who cannot afford the cost of busing.

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Support Our Director's Endowment

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Support Our Endowment Funds

The Museum has two endowment funds. One supports the memorial and the other provides investment income for the Museum.

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Donation to the Permanent Collection

We hope these commonly asked questions will make you more familiar with how the Museum handles donations to the permanent collection.

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Capital & Replacement Plan Annual Giving

Each October members receive a brochure listing items that are necessary to each department but not funded in the budget.

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“Let’s Do It Again!” Penny Campaign

Over 100 years ago, communities across the nation donated their pennies to help build a spectacular monument to President McKinley.

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Adopt-an-Artifact Program

Your tax deductible donation to the Adopt an Artifact Program will help pay for the care, maintenance, conservation, and storage of our collection.

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Memorial, Bequests & Endowments

The McKinley Presidential Library & Museum is a private nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization owned and operated by the Stark County Historical Society.

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Donations to the Ramsayer Research Library

The Ramsayer Research Library accepts donations of books, photographs or other paper materials relating to the history of Stark County and McKinley.

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Donate To The Adopt-a-Book Program

A cash donation to our “Adopt-a-Book” program allows us to purchase both new and used books for our collection.

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Special Friends of Discover World

Thank you! Your monetary support is essential for the animals of Discover World! Any donation amount is greatly appreciated, and will make you a “Special Friend of Discover World”. Your donation will be used to purchase necessities for the animals, such as food, bedding, and veterinary care.  As a bonus, a special certificate with your name on it will be displayed in Discover World.

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Wildlife & Wild Nights

Your contribution will be used to purchase 2 trail cameras, which are enhanced with special features like infrared lighting and motion sensors. These cameras will allow us to capture and record our animals routines, which will help us gain a better sense of their health & well-being.

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