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Ida McKinley’s Diamond Tiara.

Ida McKinley’s diamond tiara was sold in 2014 to Rick Harrison on the History Channel’s television show “Pawn Stars.” Harrison gave the Museum three months to raise $43,000 – the amount he paid – to buy it from him. Almost 400 donors from 22 states sent money to help the Museum meet its goal. The tiara is now on display in the McKinley Gallery. It was made by J. Dreicer & Son in New York City. It consists of approximately 200 diamonds, 100 on each wing. The wings are detachable and can be worn separately as matching brooches. Women would have worn them on their collar or lapel, or possibly on a fabric belt. There is a small screw mechanism on the back of each wing which allows it to be attached to the pin base or the plain gold tiara band.