Mark Holland

Archivist Bio

Mark Holland is an optimist.  He believes in a world where people help each other, and those people work as a team to inspire the community to come together for the common good.

Mark was inspired to love history by his grandfather when Mark captured him on his portable cassette recorder telling the story of Mark’s Great, Great Grandfather who walked from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Osnaburg (East Canton) to bring his family to Ohio.  Mark’s mother and father would continue to inspire him to become interested in history by taking the family on trips that his mother would call “making a study of Ohio!”

Mark grew up in North Canton and graduated from Hoover High School.  As the Archivist of the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum Mark inspires people to question everything and works alongside a team of 23 volunteers in the Ramsayer Research Library to find the answers to these questions.  

Learning, teaching, volunteering, and helping people reach their full potential are ideals that drive Mark.  He and his wife Alyson work side by side to accomplish goals for the common good in their family and their community.


Please contact Archivist Mark Holland at 330-455-7043 or email him to make a reservation.