Mark Holland

Archivist Bio

Mark was first inspired to love history by his grandfather Raymond, when he recorded him on his portable cassette recorder, talking about Mark’s great-great grandfather Jonas, who walked from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Osnaburg, Ohio (East Canton) to move west, and find a new home for his family in Stark County.  Mark was raised in North Canton, graduating from Hoover High School.  Mark went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Otterbein University, in Westerville, Ohio and taught in the Stark County public schools for five years.

As the archivist at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum Mark helps people find their happiness.  He learned from his grandfather, mom and dad to love history, and share what he loves.  Many people have questions about a past business, person, or an organization in their hometown of Canton, or Stark County.  The Ramsayer Research Library archives information that may answer these most important questions.  Mark leads a team of eight to ten volunteers and interns to help people find their happiness.  This is accomplished through accepting donations, organizing, archiving, digitizing and making available information to answer the questions people have about Stark County, and our Twenty-Fifth President, William McKinley.

When he is away from his duties at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum he is out experiencing and showing people what it was like to be a soldier in the Civil War.  He wears his union blue uniform, and carries his nine pound rifled musket into battle side by side with comrades.  Learning, teaching, volunteering, and helping people reach their full potential are ideals that drive Mark.  He and his wife Alyson work side by side to accomplish goals for the common good in their family and their community.

Please contact Mark at 330-455-7043 or email him.