Lawyer, Prosecutor, Friend: William McKinley’s Stop in Stark County that Lasted Forever…

Mark Holland

Join Mark Holland as he illustrates with sight and sound a part of William McKinley’s life in Canton before he places himself on the national scene as a Congressman, Governor of Ohio, and President of the United States.  You will be transported back to Canton, Ohio in the late 1860’s just after the Civil War.  You will experience more about how William McKinley chose Canton, Ohio as his home and place to “Hang his Shingle,” his success as a Stark County Prosecutor, and his marriage to Ida Saxton. Find out details of his connection to the Stark County Courthouse for which we continue to celebrate 200 plus years of this historic building. The fee for this program is $50.

Please call Archivist Mark Holland at 330-455-7043 or email him to make a reservation.