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Total Solar Eclipse


On Monday April 8, 2024, a large portion of Ohio will experience one of the grandest and awe-inspiring events that we can witness on Earth, a total solar eclipse! This is a once in a lifetime event! A solar eclipse begins with a perfect line-up of the Sun, Moon and Earth. A solar eclipse happens at New Moon. This line up occurs only a few times a year due to the 5% tilt of the Moon’s orbit to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. In order to see a solar eclipse, you must be in the dark part of the Moon’s shadow or umbra. If you are in the penumbra or light part of the shadow, you will see a partial eclipse. For the 2024 eclipse, the umbra shadow trail is 124 miles wide. It is called the path of totality. You must be in the path of totality to see the total solar eclipse. On April 8, 2024, the shadow trail starts in Mexico, then into parts of the United States and Canada. Much of Ohio will be in the path of totality. During totality, the sky becomes as dark as deep twilight, bright stars and planets appear and the Sun’s outer atmosphere, called the corona, shines through the dark shadow of the Moon.

Will we see it in Canton?

Unfortunately, the city of Canton is just outside the path of totality. So, now is the time to start coming up with your plan to view this once in a lifetime event! 

Another important note is that straight down the middle of the path is the central line. Any location on the central line will see the longest duration of totality. For this eclipse it will be nearly four minutes. The further you are away from the central line, the less time you will experience totality. 

Viewing safely will be the biggest concern. You must wear solar filter glasses to view the Sun. Never look at the Sun directly!! The only time you can safely look at the Sun is during totality! When purchasing solar filter glasses look for the international standard requirement code of ISO 12312-2. The American Astronomical Society has published a list of reputable solar viewer vendors. The list of vendors can be found here: eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters. You can also purchase solar viewers in our Gift Shoppe (Not available online). See below for more information.

Another safety issue will be the large influx of people that will want to see this phenomenal event. Traffic will be immense! Once again, start making plans.

Path of Totality

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Solar Glasses' Availability at the Gift Shoppe

We are excited to have solar eclipse viewers available for purchase for $1.25!

Starting June 1st, our Gift Shoppe will carry a limited supply of solar eclipse viewers that are safe for direct solar viewing (ISO certified 12312-2:2015). In order to provide more customers an enjoyable shopping experience, we are limiting quantities available for purchase and we will be strictly enforcing the following terms and conditions

  • Purchase of solar eclipse viewers is limited to four (4) pair per FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD, per visit.
  • Customers who attempt to circumvent quantity limitations will have their purchase denied.
  • Solar eclipse viewers will NOT be available for purchase online and there will be NO HOLDS.
  • Solar eclipse viewers will only be available for purchase in the Gift Shoppe during normal hours, Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am-3:45pm.
  • There will be no returns, refunds, or exchanges on purchases of solar eclipse viewers.
  • The McKinley Presidential Library and Museum reserves the right to update terms and conditions without notice, at any time.

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