Adopt-an-Artifact Program

A primary part of our Mission Statement is to collect and preserve the history of Stark County, including the life and career of President William McKinley. Ideally, each artifact in our collection should be housed in an acid free box and wrapped in acid free tissue.  Other storage needs include new shelving in some of our storage areas, polyethylene bags for small artifacts, B-72 Acryloid Lacquer (an archival product used to number the artifacts), archival cleaning materials, and padded hangers for textiles.  With over 26,000 artifacts to care for, it is quite expensive to make sure each artifact is safely housed in the proper storage materials.

But you can help!

Your tax deductible donation to the Adopt an Artifact Program will help pay for the care, maintenance, conservation, and storage of our Permanent Collection. You can name an item of your choice — a piece of glass, a wedding dress, an antique tool, a McKinley campaign ribbon.  Or you can let us decide.

Any amount is welcome and appreciated.  You will be listed in our next newsletter as a proud member of the Adopt an Artifact Program!