Haunted Stark County


Ghostly diners, violent crimes of passion, phantoms peering from theater balconies, canal workers who still walk the towpaths– the haunted history of Stark County includes characters and legends as bizarre as they are terrifying. Take a bone-chilling journey with Sherri Brake, owner of Haunted Heartland Tours, as she recounts tales of superstitious pioneers and the horrors of the great influenza epidemic of 1918. Stroll along silent corridors of an abandoned asylum and linger among graves of Civil War dead– and discover the eerie ends of Stark County’s departed souls.

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About the Author:

Sherri Brake has been a resident of Stark County, Ohio, for over forty years. Her love of the paranormal and history in general led her to begin her own company, Haunted Heartland Tours (www.hauntedhistory.net), in 2004. She is a member of various heritage, historical, and paranormal organizations and is the mother of two children, Sage and Mason Recco.