Hidden Gems: An On-Demand Virtual Program!

This virtual event is packed full of fun, featuring TWO HOURS worth of exclusive history and science programming, WITH printable activities presented by McKinley Presidential Library & Museum staff and volunteers. This virtual program will provide a fascinating in-depth look at items we consider “Gems”. These artifacts may be found within our storage areas, or on display around the museum.


Cost is $25 per household and can be viewed anytime, on-demand after purchase. Great for teachers to use in their virtual classrooms too!  Please purchase one per educator.



Purchasing this virtual program includes access to a website containing the videos, files, and printable activities.

Additionally, there will be a purchase note after payment is finalized, which contains a direct link to the website. If you have trouble viewing the videos on the website, you can download them to your computer. It may take several minutes, so please be patient :). 


The Hidden Gems Virtual Program includes the following: (May not be the exact order)


Ida McKinley’s Gowns

Join Executive Director Kim Kenney for a peek behind-the-scenes at one of the best “hidden gems” in our permanent collection – First Lady Ida McKinley’s exquisite gowns!  Learn more about Ida’s personal style, the work that has already been done on the first four dresses, and our plans for a major exhibition in the future.

William McKinley — A Diamond in the Rough

While William McKinley may have seemed like an ideal candidate when he was elected president, his early years and family background were not what many people think of as presidential. Join Director of Education and Membership Ally Carlson for a look at William McKinley’s early life and how this small town boy became the man we all know.

Stellar Planetarium

Join Planetarium Director Suzie Dills as she shares the Hoover-Price Planetarium story and a close-up tour of the planetarium with a hidden surprise! You will also learn how to find gems in the night sky using a star map and star wheel.

The Last Ice Age in Ohio and the American Mastodon

Science Director Lynette Reiner will discuss the last Ice Age in Ohio and how it created true hidden gems for Ohioans to discover. This includes our very own American Mastodon which is one of the most complete specimens found in North America. The museum is very lucky to have authentic mammals and artifacts that have been unearthed that date 14,000 years ago, the end of the Wisconsinan Ice Age.  You will also receive an Ice Age themed word search.

Rock Candy Demonstration

Watch as Science Director Lynette Reiner demonstrates how to make your own crystalized rock candy at home. The entire process takes up to 7 days to fully form. An easy to follow recipe will be included. Did you know? Rock candy is referenced in both Indian and Iranian writings from the 9th century. This indicates that rock candy has been around for over a thousand years and probably was invented in the eastern part of the world.

Not Just a Piece of Parchment…

When Archivist Mark G. Holland accidentally came upon a diploma for a Miss Catharine A. Rex from the Canton Female Seminary in mid-February, no one expected such a grand story to unfold. On a mission to discover all she could, Hannah Beach, a student at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and intern at the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, sought the assistance of researchers Judy Pocock, Tom and Rochelle Haas, and intern Grace Doringo. Over the next month, Hannah was able to uncover the story not only of the life of Miss Catharine (Rex) McSweeney, but the seminary she attended in Canton, Ohio.

A Docent’s Guide to Hidden Gems in Plain Sight

Join our History Docents as they describe some of their favorite hidden gems from around the museum!  If you don’t visit on a tour, you might not have learned these fascinating facts about our artifacts.

An I Spy Adventure in Collection Storage

In this fun activity, kids (and adults!) will try to find objects in our storage areas that don’t necessarily look like their modern equivalents.

Fun facts nd MUCH more!