Virtual McKinley Day: An On-Demand Digital Birthday Celebration!

This virtual event is packed full of family fun, featuring TWO HOURS of exclusive history and science programming, and activities presented by McKinley Presidential Library & Museum staff and volunteers.  We couldn’t have an in-person event this year, but our Virtual McKinley Day will provide a fascinating in-depth look at our 25th President, in honor of his 178th birthday. 


Cost is $25 per household and can be viewed anytime, on-demand after purchase. Great for teachers to use in their virtual classrooms too!  Please purchase one per educator.



Purchasing this virtual program includes access to a file containing the videos, a printable word search, Flat McKinley coloring page, cherry pie recipe, the Big Dipper clock template, and family Astro activities. Thank you for your purchase.
If you have trouble viewing the videos, you can download them to your computer. It may take several minutes, so please be patient :).  Addintionally, there will be a purchase note after payment is finalized, which also contains a direct link.
The video presentations include the following:


(May not be the exact order)

McKinley Gallery Focus Tour

Join Director of Education Ally Carlson for a tour of our McKinley Gallery focusing on President McKinley’s life and career. 

Science & McKinley

Science Director Lynette Reiner will present a brand new program about the type of electricity that was showcased at the Pan-American Exposition, where President McKinley was assassinated.  You will learn about hydroelectric power and what it took to illuminate Buffalo. You will also discover why there is a science center at the Museum!

Electric Show

Watch the Van de Graff, Jacob’s Ladder, and Tesla Coil in operation. You will see static electricity being produced alongside how alternating current works.  We are not currently able to offer the Electric Show in person, so don’t miss this!

The Night Sky:  January 29, 1843

What did the night sky look like on the day President McKinley was born? Join Hoover-Price Planetarium Director, Suzie Dills, as we travel back to January 1843 and enjoy the constellations and visible planets and compare them to our night sky today! Learn how people used the sun, moon and stars to navigate and tell time.  Participants will also learn how to make a Big Dipper Star Clock.

Cooking Demonstration

Watch volunteer Sharon Orce cook President McKinley’s favorite dessert in our pioneer cabin in the Street of Shops.  As part of this program, you will receive instructions to do it yourself at home!

Scarlet Carnation Craft

Join Director of Education Ally Carlson for a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a scarlet carnation, President McKinley’s lucky flower.

Street of Shops McKinley Tour

Join volunteers Lynn and Patty Lue for a tour of the Street of Shops, focusing on how the businesses represented in that part of the museum relate to President McKinley.

Model Trains in the Street of Shops

Volunteer Tom and museum guide Carl Patron will take you on a journey through the significance of trains as modes of transportation during the 19th & 20th centuries for President McKinley and Stark County. 

Monument Dome Video

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the McKinley National Memorial, including a trip up into the dome!

McKinley Artifacts

Collections Manager Kait Bergert will provide an up close look at some personal McKinley objects and the important roles they played in the McKinleys’ lives.

Timeline and Fun Facts

Virtual McKinley Day will also include a timeline of important days in President McKinley’s life and some Fun Facts, prepared by Museum Education Coordinator Liz Persinger.

Free: Wreath Laying Ceremony

The Wreath Laying Ceremony will be streamed LIVE on Facebook on January 29 at 12:00 PM.  The ceremony includes local government representatives, a general representing the White House, a bagpiper, and a bugler to play “Taps.”  The Wreath Laying Ceremony is not part of the Virtual McKinley Day package, but will be available for free on our Facebook page.