WildLife & Wild Nights

Have you ever wondered what the sugar gliders do when we go home at night? Does Opie our opossum have a midnight party?


Discover World is home to several rescued nocturnal animals, and things really do come alive (or active) at night! We need your help to capture their nighttime adventures!


Even before the pandemic, and closure of the mammal and bird area, it is very hard to witness the activities of our nocturnal critters. Now with new virtual programming, we will be able to bring the world glimpses into our museum’s night life activities.


Your contribution will be used to purchase 2 trail cameras, which are enhanced with special features like infrared lighting and motion sensors. These cameras will allow us to capture and record our animals routines, which will help us gain a better sense of their health & well-being.


We appreciate any monetary amount you are able to give to support our efforts. Our goal is to raise $400 or more during our flash fundraiser.