Words from the White House

By Paul Dickson


Words and Phrases Coined Or Popularized by America’s Presidents


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The founding fathers (a term created by Warren G. Harding for his “front porch campaign” of 1920) felt that coining words and creating new uses for old ones was part of their role in creating a new American culture and language, distinct from the proscriptive King’s English. Noah Webster called the creation of such Americanisms “acts of defiance,” along with such radical ideas as universal literacy and public libraries. Ever since, American presidents have enriched our vocabulary with words, phrases, and concepts that we’ve put to general use.

About the Author

Paul Dickson is the author of more than 65 nonfiction books and hundreds of magazine articles. Although he has written on a variety of subjects from ice cream to kite flying to electronic warfare, he now concentrates on writing about the American language, baseball and 20th century history.

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