World War II Cavalry Reconnaissance Scout

Written by his son Harold J. Voltz


Selected Letters by Harold J. Voltz, Fourth Armored Division


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A Spokane man has been given a window to the past, back to the day when his father served as a young soldier during World War II. In November 1941, weeks before the Pearl Harbor attack, 21-year-old Harold Voltz left his home in Ohio and enlisted in the service. He went to boot camp and was trained to become a scout in the Army’s Fourth Armored Division. He was stationed at several training facilities around the country and then sent to England for more training. A month after the D-Day invasion in 1944, Voltz went to France for his first real taste of combat. All the while, he wrote letters to his folks, nearly 400 of them, and his mother saved them. Seventy-five years later, Harold Voltz’s letters are now in the hands of his son, also named Harold, that he compiled into a book to tell his father’s GI story.

Read an interview with Harold J. Voltz here.

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