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Inverted Intersections


Inverted Intersections Mark Holland

Join Mark Holland on a “Walk” down the streets of downtown Canton, Ohio! In 1956 Timken photographer Robert H. Hildebrand photographed seventy-five intersections in Canton. Archivist Mark Holland uses these valuable photographs to tell the stories of the lesser known, but intriguing people and places of Canton. Using photographs and research from the Stark County Archives, and the Archive of the 25th President, William McKinley, the program will introduce you to a fireman who served Canton, for 60 years, a 131 year old church with many changes, and Canton street corners with countless stories to tell.  You may find yourself taking a trip down memory lane when you see the popular buildings and businesses of your youth. The fee for this program is $50.

Please call Mark Holland at 330-455-7043 to book him for a speaking engagement or click the button to email him.