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World War I


World War I Mark Holland Speakers Bureau

Stark County’s Global Contribution to Patriotism

Europe had been at war for two years.  By 1917 the United States being threatened with war finally succumbed to it on April 6, 1917.  In this program you meet many of the veterans who answered the call to defend our country.  You will meet Nurse: Sylvia Riley, of Canton, Ohio who entered the service October 28, 1918, and served at Camp Travis, Texas.  You will experience the contributions of Alliance, Canton, and Massillon, and all of Stark County.  Learn more about the beginnings of the American Red Cross and how it helped provide comfort to countless Stark County Citizens.  The industries were converted to create fighting machines for the allies’ victory.  Find out how Gilliam Manufacturing took advantage of their talent of working leather and created a gas mask for the war effort.  Liberty Loans drive was in full swing to fund the Great War, becoming so successful they held a funeral and buried “It Can’t Be Done” in the sidewalk of the Stark County Courthouse.  Finally experience the life of a soldier leaving home, training to go overseas, actually going “Over There!” and coming home again.  Soldiers like Corporal Paul Muckley of Waynesburg, Ohio for whom this program is dedicated. The fee for this program is $50.

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