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Astro Afternoons


Dec 26, 2023

Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience! We’re excited to invite you from 12:00pm to 2:00pm to our special Astro Afternoons, a family-friendly event filled with celestial wonders and educational fun.

Activities Include:

Tuesday December 26 – Planets  

Explore the solar system and investigate planet sizes. Activities include making a pocket and playdoh solar system, a planet headband, a travel brochure for a planet adventure and other fun related activities.

Wednesday December 27 – Constellations

Learn how to read a star map for winter sky navigation.  Create a night sky treasure hunt. Make a big dipper clock, star wheel and constellation cups.

Thursday December 28 – Sun, Moon, Eclipse

Learn about solar eclipses and how to view the Sun safely. Bring a shoebox or cereal box and learn how to make a solar projection box. Make a simple rocket and learn how to survive on the Moon.

Friday December 29 – Climate

Bring a pizza box/box with a lid and learn how to make a solar oven. Build a windmill and learn about climate on other planets and other fun related activities.

Saturday December 30 – Extraterrestrial Life/ Planets

Create an alien and learn adaptation on different planets. Look through alien eyes using different types of light. Explore other possible life forms and other fun related activities.