Presidential Library & Museum

Hoover Price Planetarium


Travel to Outer Space Without Ever Leaving the Ground!

That’s how you’ill feel after you experience the museum’s 65 seat Hoover-Price Planetarium. Over 60 projectors show the aurora, meteor shower, an asteroid, panoramic views of downtown Canton, clouds, snow, phases of the moon and dozens of constellations during a 30 minute presentation.

The Planetarium’s primary projector is a Spitz A3P that shows thousands of stars in the correct color and brightness.This Spitz is unique because the standard 3000 stars shown was increased to 5000 stars through detailed modification.

The operation of the Planetarium is entirely manual. Controlled by 283 switches, 60 different projectors allow the presenter to constantly interact with the audience.

Installation was completed in 1964, the same year the current museum building was finished. Since that time tens of thousands of visitors have viewed our solar system and beyond while in the comfort of the Planetarium.

Presentations are offered weekdays by reservation, and public shows are held every Saturday at 1:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. Public shows are 30 minutes long, while school groups may have up to a 55 minute presentation. During the summer months public shows are held at 1:00 PM Monday-Friday. Planetarium shows are included in your admission price.  Please note that children must be 5 years of age or older to attend a planetarium show.

Learn more about what is happening in the night sky through the Hoover-Price Planetarium’s blog.