School Programs

American Heritage Tour

A trained docent will provide your students with the opportunity to go back in time and discover how people lived 200 years ago.  Our animatronic President and Mrs. McKinley figures will greet them in the McKinley Gallery.  They will also explore our historical life-size town, The Street of Shops where they can slide down a fire pole and see our operating model train layout.  The tour includes our newest exhibits.


Ohio & You (Available September-March)

Programs are available virtually or in person.

Ohio & You takes place in the 7th street schoolhouse in the Street of Shop and in our Stark County Story exhibit.  Five programs have been developed in conjunction with Ohio Learning Standards to help children think critically, solve problems and work together.

McKinley & Me (K & 1st Grade)

This program teaches children to use simple time lines using important events in the President McKinley’s life. They will learn the story of the red carnation and make a red carnation to take home.

A Visit with the McKinleys (2nd Grade)

Students in this program will investigate objects associated with the McKinleys and develop questions about the material. Students will then go to the McKinley Gallery and get the answers from our animatronic figures of President and Mrs. McKinley.

Stark County – Then & Now (3rd Grade)

Students will learn about the history of Stark County, including the development of major industries, immigration, lifestyles, culture and transportation. This program takes place in the galleries of  The Stark County Story.

Beautiful Ohio (4th Grade)

Students will learn about the Ohio symbols and the different presidents associated with Ohio. They will use map skills to locate the birth and death places of each Ohio president. In small groups, students will make a presentation about one of the eight presidents from Ohio.

Destination Stark County (8th-12th Grade)

This exciting new program for students in grades 8-12 will utilize the Stark County Story exhibit.  Students will explore how the history of Stark County is connected to the larger picture of American and world history.


Discover World (Available September-March)

A trained docent or staff member will introduce students to the science contained on the three islands of Discover World and then allow students to explore each island on their own.  On the Natural History Island, they will learn about dinosaurs, ice age animals and people, and explore the rock and mineral area.  Students will meet the animals of Ecology Island and learn about their habitats and food chains.  Fascination Station is filled with interactive physical science exhibits for students to explore. Topics include:

Electric Show (All Ages)

Learn some “hair raising” facts about electricity!

Meet the Animals (All Ages)

Meet and Greet with two or three animals that live in Discover World.  Learn about their habitats and unique adaptations.


Science Expeditions (Available September-March)

Science Expeditions take place in our school house in the Street of Shop and includes five grade appropriate programs.  Each program was designed around the Ohio Learning Standards.  Students will be challenged to think critically, problem solve and work together to achieve common goals.

Creepy Crawlies (All Grades) — 30 Minutes

Students will learn about the importance of insects in our world and get to touch a couple of the Museum’s insects.

Robots Among Us (2nd-5th Grade) — 30 Minutes

Students will  take a look at the beginning of robotics in science, literature, and history. Robots have been around since 300B.C. and have helped humans in many work related fields. This program explores many different important uses of robots. It is a slide formatted program.

Wacky Weather (3rd-5th Grade) — 30 Minutes

Examine weather patterns and learn how and why tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms occur.  This is a slide based PowerPoint program.

Water, Water Everywhere (3rd-5th Grade) — 30 Minutes

Learn about the water cycle and the importance of clean fresh water.

Changes (4th-6th Grade) — 1 Hour

Students will view and participate in experiments involving chemical or physical changes.  They will work together to perform a variety of controlled experiments.  Students will learn characteristics of chemical and physical changes.

Rocks & Fossils (4th-6th Grade) — 30 Minutes

Learn what fossils are, how they form, and what we can learn from them. Also learn about the rock cycle. Includes a PowerPoint with real fossils to examine.



The Planetarium staff is willing to work with you to develop presentations tailored to your class needs. Please note that students must be at least 5 years old to attend the planetarium.

Our Sun is a Star & Earth is Special (K & 1st Grade) — 30 Minutes

Students will learn about the Sun, Earth & Moon! Students will also learn about the motion of the Sun, why the Earth has day and night and when do we see the Sun and Moon. We will end with the current night sky and constellations.

Phases of the Moon & Meet the Planets (2nd-3rd Grade) — 30 Minutes

Students will learn why the Moon goes through changes every month. Students will be introduced to the planets in our solar system! We will end with the current night sky and constellations.

Solar System Tour (4th-6th Grade) 45-60 Minutes

Students will enjoy a tour of the solar system and learn about the unique characteristics of the planets and moons! Students will explore asteroids, comets and meteoroids and our place in our Milky Way galaxy. We will end with the current night sky and constellations.

Cycles & Patterns in our Solar System & Beyond (7th-8th Grade) 45-60 Minutes

Students will learn about the reason for the seasons, what causes tides and eclipses. Students will enjoy a tour of the solar system and beyond and learn about star life cycles. We will end with the current night sky and constellations.