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Speakers Bureau Topics

Catalyst for Change

How the assassination of William McKinley changed the Secret Service forever.

Christmas at the White House

A look at how some of our past Presidents have celebrated Christmas.

Holiday Traditions

The history behind some of our most cherished traditions.

Moving the President

Chronicles the history of presidential transportation.

Music in the White House

Different types of music enjoyed by our Presidents.

Origins of Christmas Carols

Learn where your favorite Christmas carols come from.

Presidential Funerals

Explore the funerals of some of our nation’s leaders.

The McKinley Monument

Features never before seen photographs of the McKinley Monument under construction.

The McKinley Presidency Through Film

Rare film footage of important events in the life and presidency of William McKinley.

The McKinley Years

Take a photographic journey into the life of our nation’s 25th President.

The Pan-American Exposition

Explore the history and legacy of the Pan-American exposition.

What’s Going On at the Museum?

Learn about what’s new for you and your family at the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum!