The museum is temporarily closed through Oct. 4 for roof repairs. We will tentatively reopen on Oct. 5.

Speakers Bureau Topics

“A Labor of Love” How Jessie June Burroway Came into the World…

Join Mark as he conveys the incredible true story of Dr. Burroway and her career, the many people who nursed the baby to health, and the adventures of a hair pin.

Beautiful Bats

Learn about the many types of bats around the world and in Ohio.

Behind the Scenes: Women in Science

Examine the amazing accomplishments by women in the field of science.

Canton During Wartime

Highlights the activities of industries and citizens that helped win the war.

Canton Entertainment

Learn more about Canton's hotels, restaurants, department stores, clubs, theaters, and more.

Canton’s Pioneers in Flight

Showcases Canton’s early aviation activities.

Canton’s West Lawn Cemetery

Highlights the city’s movers and shakers who are buried in West Lawn. 

Canton’s Women

A look back at the contributions women have made to Canton’s history over the past 200 years.

Catalyst for Change

How the assassination of William McKinley changed the Secret Service forever.

Celebrate the Sixties!

Take a look back at the turbulent 1960s.

Christmas at the White House

A look at how some of our past Presidents have celebrated Christmas.


Mysterious creatures, do they live among us or can science explain creatures like Big Foot and Loch Ness?

Digging for Dinos

What are dinosaurs and who digs up their remains?

Feminine Fashion

An illustrated look at the evolution of fashion from 1860 to the present.

Funerals of the Rich & Famous

Explores the life and death of the famous and infamous.

Gardening for Wildlife

Creating a backyard filled with wildlife can be easy.

General History of Canton

Examines the highlights of Canton’s history, from 1805 to the present.

Holiday Traditions

The history behind some of our most cherished traditions.

Hotel Onesto

The premier hotel in Canton, Ohio in the thirties, forties, and early fifties.

How to Take Care of Furniture

Learn more about the proper way to clean and wax your antique furniture.

How to Take Care of Textiles

This workshop will examine safe ways to handle, store, and display heirloom textiles.

How We Make the Moonshine

Innovative ways of creating shine stills and distilleries.

I Thee Wed

Look back at the brides of yesteryear.


Learn more about the1918 flu pandemic that killed millions of people worldwide.

Inverted Intersections

Join Mark Holland on a “Walk” down the streets of downtown Canton, Ohio!

Inverted Intersections II

The Corners Where You Live, Canton, Ohio

Inverted Intersections III

The “Nickel Tour” Continues … 1956 Was A Very Good Year

It is Up to Us to Listen to Their Voices…

Join Archivist Mark Holland to learn about the “Best Kept Secret” in Stark County!

Lawyer, Congressman, Friend Copy

William McKinley’s Stop in Stark County that Lasted Forever

Lawyer, Prosecutor, Friend

William McKinley’s Stop in Stark County that Lasted Forever

Letters & Photographs

Learning how to organize, preserve, protect, and store your letters, and photographs.

Letters Home

Stories of Stark County’s veterans told through the letters they wrote during a time of war.

Life in Miniature

The history of dollhouses and miniatures.

Life on the Pond

A look at the archaeological excavation of Ohio’s largest paleo Indian site located at Nobles Pond.

Little Chicago

Did you know Canton was the scene of some serious organized crime in the Roaring Twenties?

Lost Cities

Explore lost cities through ancient ruins, myths, legends, and folklore.

Man-Made Modern Marvels

An illustrated look at some of modern day’s greatest engineering accomplishments.

Mentioning the Unmentionables

A fascinating look at the history of what we wear under our clothes.

Meyers Lake Revisited

Tracing the history of Canton’s “crown jewel."

Mother’s Little Helper

The ways in which toys have influenced children throughout history.

Moving the President

Chronicles the history of presidential transportation.

Music in the White House

Different types of music enjoyed by our Presidents.

Mysterious World

Mysteries surrounding places and events that captivate the world.

Mythical Creatures

Explore legendary, mythical, and mythological creatures.

Nature’s Wonders

We will examine the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Ohio and the Ice Age

The legacy that the Ice Age left behind.

Ohio’s Archeological Wonders

A look at significant dig sites in Ohio and what was uncovered.

Ohio’s Early People

Take a journey through time and learn about Ohio’s first inhabitants.

Origins of Christmas Carols

Learn where your favorite Christmas carols come from.

Presidential Funerals

Explore the funerals of some of our nation’s leaders.

Robots Among Us

Robotics throughout history.


We will take a look at the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The history behind our favorite wedding traditions.


Examining old wives tales and myths from childhood.

Talking Trash

Where does your garbage go? 

The ABCs of Nutrition

A historical perspective on healthy eating.

The Kitchen

The evolution of kitchen technology over time.

The Life of Death

Explore how the meaning of death and death rituals have changed over time. 

The McKinley Monument

Features never before seen photographs of the McKinley Monument under construction.

The McKinley Presidency Through Film

Rare film footage of important events in the life and presidency of William McKinley.

The McKinley Years

Take a photographic journey into the life of our nation’s 25th President.

The Pan-American Exposition

Explore the history and legacy of the Pan-American exposition.

The People’s House

Learn more about the history of the most popular historic home in America!

The True Story of Thanksgiving

Spoiler alert:  it was nothing like you’ve been taught!

The Victorian Age

Travel back to the era of lamplighters and booming industries.

Through the Looking Glass

Learn more about major glass and china manufacturers.


Conservation efforts for the world’s great primates.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Cemetery

Cemeteries have a special language, spoken through the symbols carved on tombstones.

What’s Going On at the Museum?

Learn about what’s new for you and your family at the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum!

Women’s Suffrage

A look back at how women won the vote.

World War I

Stark County’s Global Contribution to Patriotism.

Young Wonders

With serious issues facing the environment today, there are savvy kids taking matters into their own hands.

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We are Temporarily Closed

The McKinley Museum will be CLOSED from Tuesday September 26, 2023 – Wednesday, October 4, 2023 due to construction on our roof. We are projected to reopen on Thursday, October 5. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you all under our new roof very soon!